What are Packages?

Asha has carefully selected high quality content from a variety of vendors to make teaching and learning effective, first for conceptual understanding and then for mastering the subject through games and exercises. The packages primarily address the lessons in a class, but also include additional content that improves general analytical ability and skills of the students.

A package is a logical group of contents from one vendor. For example Azim Premji Foundation created a set of DVDs with flash lessons covering most of the standard curriculum for primary classes. This is treated in Asha Kanini as one package. Each of these contents is mapped to the lessons in the curriculum and is made directly launchable from Asha Kanini. Asha Kanini has over 60 such packages. You may explore these here.


What we've!

Packages by Curriculum:

  • TN Samacheer Kalvi Curriculum
  • UP State board Curriculum

Packages by Source:

  • Asha Content
  • SSA Commissioned Content
  • Other Government Content
  • Third Party Content

Packages Content Type:

  • Classroom Presentations
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Classroom Activities
  • Worksheets
  • Teaching Material
  • Books
  • Videos


  • All
  • Asha Content
  • Books and Videos
  • Classroom Activity
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Games
  • Other Government Content
  • Simulations
  • SSA Commisioned Content
  • Teacher Material
  • Third Party Content
  • Worksheets


Contents created by Asha to address gaps in the contents (esp. for Tamil and Social Studies) and also to provide easy access to other contents (lesson plans).


These are educational books and videos which may or may not directly relate to a lesson. Individual students can also directly browse these by age, subject and content.


Teacher can bring concepts to life by having classroom activities like games, experiments, songs and stories. Several resources are often required to conduct such activities and further instructions on how to conduct them is also required. These are provided in these contents.


Videos and presentations bring concepts to life and can provide a rich background for the lessons taught by teachers. Several video lessons are available through variety of sources.


These are educational games that can typically be used to practice a concept that a student has been taught. These bring conceptual clarity as well some times.


Other contents like textbooks, teacher manual, Diksha etc. that are created and maintained by various state education boards.


Every school cannot have a fully equipped Maths lab with all manipulatives or a science lab for doing all experiments. Simulations like NLVM, PhET or Geogebra provide the best alternative. They allow the students to immerse themselves and learn from the virtual experiments and manipulatives.


Contents created by governmental organisations and NGOs to distribute for free to schools.


Precision in communication is required to be a good teacher. Teaching materials provide the pedagogical backing for a teacher. They would be advised to view these before teaching a lesson.


Lots of free contents of the highest quality are made available for free by organisations and companies all around the world. Many of these are just as good to use with our curriculum in India. We have evaluated and selected the best among these and mapped them to our curriculum.


Many online and offline worksheets are available suitable for every topic and every skill level. Our lesson plans also point the teachers to the worksheets most suitable for a lesson for students at different skill levels.

Asha Impressions

Azim Premji Foundation

Basic-Mathematics Website

Blockly Games



Computer science lesson plans

Cool Math for Kids

Count Us In


DPE Phonics UP

Ducksters Online

E - Speak

Easy Teaching



English Lesson Plans



Fun With English


Games to learn English



Hello English

ICT Games


Khan Academy Maths Videos

Learn English Kids – British Council


Math Learning Center

Math Pickle

Math Playground



Maths Instructions

Maths Lesson Plans


National Geographic Kids

NLVM - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

One Stop English

PHET Simulations


Reading Bear

Samacheer Kalvi Text book Lessons

Schoolhouse Bingo Maths Games

Science Lesson Plans

Simply English

Soft school


Story Weaver

Switch Zoo

Tamil Academy

Tamil Samacheer Kalvi Old Textbook Poem Videos

Tamil Worksheets and Activities

Toon Masti


Turtle Diary

Tux of Math command

Tux Typing

Unite for Literacy

YouTube Videos online