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Asha Chennai has been supporting about 100 government schools in rural backward areas of Tamilnadu and recently also 6 schools in UP. Because of the economic downturn, two of our major corporate donors stopped their funding. We need to raise funds to continue our work. Support Asha Chennai.

Note that Asha Chennai works on very low overheads and these overheads are entirely covered by Asha volunteers ourselves. Your entire donation minus the payment gateway charges will be used for our project expenses.

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Our Support to

Government Schools

  • Provide teachers for schools with inadequate number of teachers.
  • Provide Computer teachers to all schools to teach digital literacy and programming.
  • Provide educational and sports materials to make for a rich educational environment.
  • Maintain their computers and assist in ensuring their civic infrastructure is good (to the extent we can).
  • Make for joyful learning by supporting school annual days.
  • Conduct assessments and analyse results to understand learning gaps etc.

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Asha Chennai has been running Mini-Schools at villages where we have a presence.

  • Safety is of paramount importance – hand-washing, wearing masks, well-ventilated space with less than 10 children are the norm.
  • Innovative curriculum to ensure continuity in education and also to enhance their conceptual understanding.
  • Physical activities like Yoga, science experiments, craft activities, book reading, Computer education.

Read our final report for 2020-2021 or the initial report for 2021-2022. Read an article in The Hindu about our mini-schools.

Or view a short video with just the highlights.


Our Other Projects


Works for education and uplift of Narikoravas, an urban gypsy community, settled in two colonies in Chennai. We work with the schools they attend as well and work directly with the children in their colonies.


We cover the costs related to education of about 100 children going to schools and colleges and also monitor and report on their progress to donors.


Build and repair toilets at schools lacking these basic facilities. These are typically schools we are working with and thus can ensure that they are maintained and used properly. Build 10 toilets and repaired more than 25 in the last 4 years.



  • Asha Kanini – a platform for providing easy access to the best in class contents from private parties, the government and Asha itself.
  • CS Curriculum – An innovative way to teach digital literacy and programming even at poor rural schools with inadequate infrastructure. Measures against the curriculums followed in developed countries.
  • Effectively use technology for analysis of assessment results, training teachers etc.

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