Asha Kanini

Asha Kanini is a Windows application developed by Asha Chennai,
the Chennai chapter of Asha for Education.

The purpose of the application is to help teachers use technology to improve the quality of education at government schools serving underprivileged children.
The processes, educational content and software developed will apply to schools across Tamilnadu.


How to Use?


Download our installer from kanini.ashanet.org/Download


Run the installer and follow the steps to install the Asha Kanini software, third party software required, and the contents.

Run it

Double click the Asha Kanini icon in your desktop. When you run it the first time, run it when you have network access.


Register yourself with your email ID. You will have to validate the application with your password.

Use it

You are ready to go. You can run the software with our without network anytime you want. Note you need network when you access a content for the first time

Focus of Application

The application is focused on helping teachers identify appropriate content for the particular lesson they are teaching and effectively use it to improve student learning.

  • Asha Kanini includes a collection of software, video and audio content already available for free on the web and mapped them to the appropriate lessons for each class.
  • As Asha has found certain lessons need additional content not readily available as freeware, Asha has created its own content.
  • The content included in the package have been carefully selected from a variety of vendors that have been whetted for relevance to the concepts being taught in the primary grades primarily focused on lessons for Samacheer Kalvi in Tamilnadu.
  • Although, the primary focus for these tools have been primary schools in Tamilnadu, the software is easily extendable to support middle and high schools, and for schools in other States and the rest of the world. We have also incorporated content in many languages besides english.
Asha Kanini


Three Content categories

The software content caan be classified into three separate categories:

Active Learning

This includes interactive material where the student will be encouraged to participate. The interactive material consists mostly of games that are primarily used to master a concept that has already been taught. It will also include simulations that could explain a concept and provide for lab experiments and so on.

Passive Learning

Primarily audio and video content that the students can hear or watch without much interaction during the classroom presentation.

Teacher Content

This includes content that can be used by teachers to prepare for the lesson, which might show them the best way to teach a particular concept. This includes instructional videos and material that the teacher can explore before going to the classroom that prepares them to teach the concepts effectively. This also includes additional offline material that could be used by printing and distributing like Schoolhouse Bingo. Although, the primary focus for these tools have been primary schools in Tamilnadu, the software is easily extendable to support middle and high schools, and for schools in other States and the rest of the world.

Motivation for Asha Kanini

The Government of Tamilnadu has provide lots of good contents to the schools, however, upon exploring how they are being used, we found that the software was almost never used for various reasons.

  • Most of the elementary schools did not even have computers in their schools
  • If the schools owned computer, the teachers were afraid to let the students use the computers since they felt that the children may damage the computers
  • Many of the teachers were scared to use computers as they felt it was beyond their capability to operate them and didn’t want to feel inadequate by trying
  • The teachers didn’t know what software to use when and there was no easy way to figure out what software would be best for the lesson that is being taught
  • There is a problem with how the subject matter is currently being taught in many schools. The following picture shows the Existing Classroom Processes
Asha Kanini


Software Features

Here are the software features:

  • Network Independent: You can use the application and all local contents without any network. Network is required only when you first access a new content.
  • Platform Independent: While we currently support only Windows platform, the software can run under any Linux variant or Mac or even Android.
  • Language and Curriculum Independent: The software uses Unicode and no information about the curriculum is hardcoded in the software. Therefore the contents can be mapped to any curriculum with any language.
  • Supports variety of contents: It can support any contents that can be viewed on your machine. We support audio, video, presentations, documents, executable games, weblinks, web content available locally, Java applets, Flash files, etc.


Types Of Content

Asha has carefully selected high quality content from a variety of vendors to make teaching and learning effective, first for conceptual understanding and then for mastering the subject through games and exercises. The packages primarily address the lessons in a class, but also include additional content that improves general analytical ability. It even includes content created by students that show what they are capable of learining at different grade levels.

Asha Content 6 Packages
Third Party Content 22 Packages
Games/Simulation 19 Packages
Tn Government Content 5 Packages
SSA Commissioned Content 5 Packages
Classroom Presentation 17 Packages
Offline/Classroom Activity 2 Packages
Teacher Material 6 Packages
Worksheet 9 Packages
Other - Packages


Variety Of Packages

Here are the Packages available in our Kanini Application
    Network Independent:
  • Asha Impressions
  • Lesson Plans
  • Ectal V6 & more

  • Government/SSA Contents:
  • Diksha
  • TN Textbooks
  • Azim Premji Foundation content
  • Hello English & more

  • 3rd Party Content:
  • PhET
  • C-Compris
  • NLVM
  • Math Pickle & more