One Year Computer Science Course Lesson Plans

The One Year Computer Science course is designed for teaching the basics of Digital Literacy and Programming Concepts. The course is intended for children in classes 6th to 9th who do not have any prior exposure to computer science. The course spans concepts of Windows, Internet, File system, Spreadsheets and others in the Digital Literacy part and basic constructs of programming - loops and conditional statements in the later part. It is intended to be covered in one year. It assumes 32 weeks of instruction and 8 weeks of project work.
Lesson No Title Description
1 Computer Basics Explain basic concepts(System on, off, sleep, restart, minimize and maximize) - 2.1) Basics - Play a G-compris game for comfortable use with mouse and keyboard. 2.4) Multi finger gesture.
2 Files, Folders and apps Explain about files, folders, applications. - 2.3) Files, Folders & Apps.( Try to teach about files, folder and apps by using open office).
3 Typing & Selection Typing text in Text Document and Selection Method in Text Document. - 6.2) Typing text, 6.3) Selection Method
4 Styles, Fonts & Colors Font styles and colors of fonts in Text Document. - 6.4) Font style, 6.4.1) Colors. Restore the files from recycle bin
5 Edit-Cut, Copy, Paste Editing Operations in Text Document(Cut, copy, paste, redo, undo). - 6.5) Editing Operations.
6 File Create, Save, Open File Operation of text Document(Save, Open, New file(Ctrl + N)). - 6.6) File Operation, Export PDF
7 Alignmnet-Left, Right, Centre Explain about alignment(Left, Right, Center, Justified, Text wrapping, Picture insert) in Text Document. - 6.8) Alignment.
8 Take Photo, Audio & Video How to take Photo, Video, Audio by using laptop camera. Format Factory. - 9.2) Camera, 9.3)Video, 9.4)Audio. File extension(Image-.bmp is bigger size than other image files, audio- WAV is bigger size than other audio files)
9 Tables Explain about table insert in text document. - 6.9) Insert Table.
10 Drawing tools & Gallery Explain about drawing tools and gallery of Text document. - 6.10) Drawing and Gallery.
11 Activity- Treasure Hunt DL Activity of Treasure Hunt-2
12 Spreadsheet Introduction of spreadsheet. - 7.1) Introduction of spread sheet
13 Rows & Columns Insert and delete a row and column and insert a picture in spreadsheet. -7.2) Insert/Delete a row, 7.3) Picture insert
14 Basic Operations in Spreadsheets Basic operations in spreadsheet. - 7.4) Basic Operations
15 Sorting & Conditional formatting in Spreadsheets Sorting and Conditional formatting in spreadsheet. - 7.5) Sorting and conditional formatting.
16 Application Install & Uninstall How to Install and Uninstall Application software. - 2.6) Apps Install & Uninstall
17 Clipboard Explain about clipboard(A clipboard is a temporary storage area for data that the user wants to copy from one place to another). - 2.5) Clipboard.
18 Apps with RAM Usage DL - Activity of Ram usage and app size 2.2) Task manager.(Know about the Usage of CPU and RAM allocation).
19 This PC & Settings Explain about usage of this PC icon and settings(Display setting, time and date, personalize etc). - 3.1) Usage of This PC icon, 3.2) Setting
20 Wi-Fi & Hotspot Explain about Wi-Fi, Hotspot. - 4.1) Wi-Fi & 4.2) Hotspot.
21 Internet, Browser & Browsing Explain about usage of internet, Browser and browsing - 4.3) Browser, 4.4) Uses of internet
22 Email Account Explain how to create E-mail ID, send and receive mail.. - 5.1) Mail Id.
23 E-mail Operations Viewing and searching in E-mail. - 5.2) Reply, 5.3) Forward, 5.4) Viewing and searching.
24 Slides & Layout in Presentation Explain about slides & layouts in presentation. - 8.1) Slides, 8.3) Layouts
25 Properties & Master Slides (Presentation) Explain about Properties & Master slides. - 8.2) Properties, 8.5) Master slides
26 Insert - Picture, Audio, Video Explain about how to insert picture, audio, video. - 8.4) Insert.
27 Video Conversion Convert a video file from one format to another. - 9.1)Format factory.
28 Slide Transition and Animation. Explain about Slide transition & Animation. - 8.6) Slide transition, 8.7) Animation
29 Events & Slide show Explain about Events & Slide show. - 8.6.1) Events, 8.8) Slide show.
30 Cables & Connectors Explain about Cables and connectors. - 9.5) Cable and Connectors
31 File transfer, Pendrive Transfer files from mobile or pen drive to system (or) system to mobile or pen drive. Folder structure in Android mobile phones. - 9.6)Mobile and pen drive
32 Unplugged Activity (Introduction To Programming) Introduction to programming. - 10.1) Procedural operations in 4*4 grid with real people(Unplugged activity).
33 Pseudo code. Explain Pseudo code or Flow chart. Procedural operations in 5*5 grid. Paper with pen, Pseudo code. - 10.2) Pseudo code or Flow chart, 10.3) Procedural operations in 5*5 grid. Paper with pen. Pseudo code
34 Repeat & Repeat Until Explain about repeat, repeat until control & Conditional statement. - 11.1) Introduction of repeat and repeat until control, 11.2) Conditional statement
35 Unplugged Activity(Card game) Unplugged activity for if-then-else condition.- 11.2.2) If-else. (Card game).
36 Simple If, If-Then-Else And Nested If Explain about Simple if, if-then-else, Nested if. - 11.2.1) Simple if, 11.2.2) If-else, 11.2.3) Nested if.