One Hour Digital Literacy Activities

The One Hour Digital Literacy Activities of Asha Kanini are designed for children of classes 6 to 9. These activities introduce several areas of Digital Literacy through activities that can be conducted within an hour using a laptop or a tablet. Each of these activities are stand-alone and a teacher can choose any of them as per the interest and level of the class. Title Description / Purpose
1 Browser Access and view web content on the internet.
2 Website Creation Build your own website with HTML and upload the files to a server.
3 Text Document 1 Create a file and save with typing and Alignment.
4 Text Document 2 Create a file and save with typing and alignment.
5 Mark List Create a mark list and use formulas for four operations in a Spreadsheet
6 Presentation Create a presentation on the given topic.
7 Google Form Create a quiz or collect data using Google forms.
8 Tux paint Draw pictures. Use colouring, stamping and typing text in the picture.
9 Treasure Hunt 1 Learn about searching for a file, opening different file types etc. through a digital treasure hunt.
10 Treasure Hunt 2 Learn about searching, Finding and Replacing words and Hyperlinked Words.
11 Treasure Hunt 3 Learn the task of finding an encrypted file using a video and following the steps in it.
12 System and file Protection Secure your device or file with password
13 Hardware Learn about the hardware components inside a laptop or a desktop.
14 Mail Create an email account and send and receive messages from around the world.
15 Windows UI Learn about Windows UI and also about multi-tasking in Operating Systems
16 Image Manipulation Resize an image, make other changes and find its properties.
17 Chat GPT and Dall e Access and view web content on the internet.
18 App Install and Uninstall Learn about Installing and uninstalling applications
19 RAM usage and App size Find the RAM and storage of a computer and the resources used by an App
20 Photo story Create video presentation with images