Kanini is a Windows application developed by Asha Chennai, the Chennai chapter of Asha for Education. The application is focused on  helping teachers identify appropriate content for the particular lesson they are teaching and effectively use it to improve student learning. Asha Kanini includes a collection of content already available for free on the web and mapped them to the appropriate lessons for each class. A lot of content that is included was developed by private organizations and made available to the public for free. There are contents developed by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) specifically to be used in Government Schools. The Government of Tamilnadu has created content including those published with the text books like Diksha. At Asha, we found certain lessons need additional content not readily available as freeware, Asha has created its own content. Asha has also created some generic content not specific to lessons. Asha Kanini was originally developed to help teachers teaching at Tamilnadu schools based on Samacheer Kalvi. The content can easily be mapped to suit any curriculum as needed.

The content can be classified into three separate categories:

  • Active Learning – This includes interactive material where the student will be encouraged to participate, including games and simulations.
  • Passive Learning – Primarily videos that the students can watch without much interaction during the video.
  • Teacher Content – This includes content that can be used by teachers to prepare for the lesson, which might show them the best way to teach a particular concept.
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