Computer science Lesson Plan
Class: 6th to 8th - Lesson: ABOUT OUR COMPUTER

Purpose: Students should learn about the computer and usage of the Task Manager.

No. of Classes

Depending upon the class strength. (Two classes for 20 students with five computers).

Materials Required


Curriculum Content

(2.1) Windows Versions and usage of OS, (2.5) Task manager.

Prior knowledge

Students should know about icons, about the Desktop and about multiple windows being open.



Find the below details of your computer.

  • Processor -
  • Windows edition -
  • Computer name -
  • RAM available -
  • Hard disk capacity -
  • Free disk space -
  • Operating System -
  • CPU Type -
  • System Directory -

  • Teacher's Instruction
    1. Teachers should teach the usage of (This PC) icon and Task manager window.
    2. Teachers should note that the Students open more than one application at the same time to find memory allocation of RAM and CPU utilization
    3. Teachers should explain terminologies like RAM, CPU, Operating System etc.