Computer science lesson plan
Class: 5 - Lesson: 18

Purpose:Learn procedural operations. Like setting pen color, set width, know the drawing and improve creative thinking.

No. of. Classes

Two or three classes (Teacher's decision).

Material Required

Laptop, Data(hotspot)

Curriculum Content

(9)Introduction to Programming, (9.1) Procedural operations, (9.1.1) Activity

Prior knowledge

Children should know the following before this exercise.

  • Know the setting options
  • Exercise


    Introduction to perform various setting options like set pen color, width, degrees, show, hide. Make the following settings:

  • Pattern: Any.
  • Width: 2
  • Color: Red
  • Position: Middle Center
  • Draw a square shape

  • Teacher Instruction
    1. If any internet connection problem teacher solved that.
    2. Even if it takes time, look the exercise.
    3. If any doubt to children , teacher explain that and some of children didn't know the setting, (like a set pen color, width, pixels and pattern) these are thinks, teacher should explain before the exercise.
    4. Allow the children to see with the solution in first time.
    5. Use the words “Pattern”, “Set Pen color”, “Width”, etc. while teaching. They need to become familiar with these words.